Today is a Poetic Day!



Seize the day and thwart the plot

Lock and key sealed the heart

Decisions impede the flow

Hearts stops… then go

Nights creep over sleepless

Lie awake and I digress

Regress into the past

Back when things did last

Back when mistakes were few

Back when love was true

Lay upon an empty bed

Voices dance within my head

Bursting at the seams with hate

Stars hide upon the clouds

The wind howls upon the dark

Euphoria sways in the midnight air

Depression lurks in the bushes

Suicide takes center stage

The drama ends with rage

Smashing and destroying the page

In a book intricately laid across the stars

Depicting a life from afar

Shattered and flawed.

Tossed away to rot

Forgotten by a lot

Burned and raw

Wounds never heal

 Grudges never fade

Dodge, duck and evade


Tonight is like many

Full of mystery

Hope and Dreams

Fill the sky

New Realms to explore

Til the night is no more

Universes full of Whimsy

Imagination and Glee

Childish fantasies fulfilled if only for a night

Filling us all with untamed delight.

Into the wild blue yonder let your mind take flight

Push through the darkness and emerge in the light.

Begin the journey and power through with all your might.


In conclusion I am taking a serious look at turning my dreams and poetry into a book, I kinda wonder if you’d be interested in reading it if I did so. :D

Feel Free to Express your opinion!

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